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WLGC Season Passes

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2023 Season Pass
Effective March 1st
TIER 5- Non-resident
TIER 4- Non-resident of Whitefish owning part time property
TIER 3Non-residents having been a member prior to 1993
TIER 2 Full time resident of Flathead County
TIER 1- Full time legal resident of Whitefish

** Senior eligibility is 70 years of age AND 20 consecutive years as pass holder

Cart StorageStorage includes trail fee - Off-site carts are required to pay annual trail fee
Gas Carts$380.00
Electric Carts$413.00
Cart Trail Fee$253.00

Which Tier Applies to You?

Tier 1

Shall consist of those members being citizens of the State of Montana, and HAVING LEGAL RESIDENCE WITHIN SCHOOL DISTRICT 44 OF FLATHEAD COUNTY, MONTANA, AND INCLUDING THOSE 106 MEMBERS AS OF JUNE 1993, THAT HAVE RESIDENCE IN FLATHEAD COUNTY, MONTANA, but not within School District 44, who were grandfathered into Tier 1, and retain all of their voting privileges.

Tier 2

Shall consist of those members being citizens of the State of Montana, having LEGAL RESIDENCE WITHIN FLATHEAD COUNTY, MONTANA (not residing within School District 44).

Proof of Residency for Membership
The Whitefish Lake Golf Association reserves the right to require proof of residency for purposes of identifying proper membership Tiers. That proof of residency shall consist of either a valid State of Montana Driver’s License or a copy of State of Montana Tax form showing Montana as the designated legal residency of the applicant.

Tier 3

Shall consist of all those current members continuously owning real property within School District 44 as of June 1, 1993, maintaining annual memberships, and do not qualify for Tier One or Tier Two membership, but shall be entitled to the same fee and/or dues structure as Tier One members. (This was a grandfather clause to allow those members in 1993 to maintain the same fee schedule as Tier One Members.)

Tier 4

Shall consist of ALL THOSE OWNING REAL PROPERTY WITHIN SCHOOL DISTRICT 44, Flathead County, Montana, that became members after June 1, 1993 and that do not qualify for Tier 1, 2, or 3 memberships.

Tier 5

Shall consist of those members WHO DO NOT RESIDE WITHIN SCHOOL DISTRICT 44 OR WITHIN FLATHEAD COUNTY, MONTANA and are non-real property owners within School District 44 as of June 1, 1993, and therefore do not qualify for membership in Tier 1, 2, 3 or 4.


Tier Structures

INDIVIDUAL – Any person 18 or older.

COUPLE – Persons legally married as recognized by the State of Montana.

JUNIOR – Children under age of 18 still in school.

COLLEGE – Any person enrolled in College, four years or less out of High School.

SENIOR – Any person 70 or older that has been a WLGA Member for 20 consecutive years.

FAMILY – A Couple with minor children under the age of 18 or still in High School.

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