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Updates – 06/22/2024


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Bulldog Open
Sunday, July 28th

The Bulldog Open is back.
Due to the high demand we will be having two shotgun starts and running two events!

South Course 8:30 a.m.
North Course 10:00 a.m.

 Four Person Scramble
Entry – $500/team
Tee Prizes, Hole Prizes, Drawings, Barbeque, and Fun!

Come on out and support Junior Golf

Register early as it is sure to fill!

Updates – 06/15/2024

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Time Changes

Effective Monday, June 17th
Tee times will be taken at 6:30 a.m.
Play Commences at 7:00 a.m.

Member – Guest

Registrations available for Member Guest
August 24th & 25th
Click below for details and registration

Updates – 06/12/2024

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PXG Club Fitting Weekend
2 days available
June 15th & 16th

Updates – 05/29/2024

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Friday, May 31st
Cobra Demo Days
11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Our Cobra Sales rep will be available with this year’s hottest clubs.

Drivers, Fairways, Hybrids, Irons

Come see what all the talk is about regarding Cobra Golf 2024!

Updates – 05/08/2024

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WLGC Newsletter

Volume 3

Demo Day – Saturday, May 11th

Professional Club Fitter Eddie Smith will be on the driving range Saturday with demos to hit from all of our brands.

Saturday, May 11th

11:00 am to 3:00 pm

No appointment necessary

Hole-in-One Insurance Board

Sign up for hole-in-one insurance at the bar.

$5 buys you insurance for that dream shot.

Make a hole-in-one and receive a $300 gift card for the restaurant.

Buy that victory round with your gift card.

Our last ace was Michael Burney on April 22nd – South Hole #7. (Burney’s 9th hole-in-one f.y.i.)

Every hole-in-one clears the board so you must re-up your policy.

Stop in today and join the fun!

New Faces in the Starter Shack

We have new employees around the facility and am asking your cooperation as they get orientated and familiar with their role.

The starter shack is a very busy place and we need your help when making a time or checking in for your time.

Our new employees will not know:

1) What time you prefer to play

2) Who your playing partners are

3) Which course you prefer

4) How many years you have been here

Please check in at least 15 minutes prior and:

1) Slow down

2) Introduce yourself to the starter

3) Provide all names of passholders in your group (first and last)

4) Enjoy your round

Thank you so much for your help at the starter shacks!

2024 Sticker Check

Player assistants will begin checking for current stickers on your bag tags and your golf carts. We have given ample time to pick up your

bag tag, sticker, and trail fee in the golf shop.

Season pass holders must have a bag tag with the current year visible.

Private carts (including scooters) must have a current trail fee sticker.

Do not be offended if you are asked for your 2024 sticker as they are doing their job and protecting us all.

Sunshine on the way

We have weathered the storm with our unpredictable May weather. Sunshine is in the forecast and will provide some great golf days ahead!

Updates – 04/20/2024

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Newsletter and policy review

Volume 2

Each week we are reviewing policies. These policies are set by the Board of Directors and are intended to create an atmosphere for the enjoyment and safety of all players.

Pet Policy

The WLGC does not allow dogs or other pets on the course even if they are confined in a cart.

Exceptions for service animals must be submitted to the Board of Directors in writing. The service animal will not be allowed on the golf course prior to review and approval by the Board of Directors.

Golf Cart Policy

The WLGC allows golf carts that are specifically designed for golf course use. Golf specific cycles (ex. Finn Scooters) are allowed. Other modes of transportation are prohibited.

If your cart or scooter is deemed to have aggressive tire treads you will not be permitted on the golf course. Cycle users are required to follow the same rules as golf carts regarding cart paths and proximity to tees and greens. Carts and golf cycles are required a trail fee and sticker for the season.

Children on the Course

The WLGC has always been a leader in the promotion of Junior Golf. We accept, promote, and encourage junior golfers starting at a young age.

Juniors are welcome on the golf course as players provided:

1) They are pass holders or pay a daily fee

2) They have their own clubs

3) They keep up with pace of play, etiquette, and exercise safety

All Non-playing children must:

1) Be at least six years old

2) Be supervised by an adult

3) Understand etiquette, respect, and safety

The supervising adult assumes all responsibility and liability.

Once again we DO NOT allow non-playing children under the age of 6.

Watch for more updates in the coming weeks

Updates – 04/19/2024

Opening week is off to a great start!  The North and South Courses are in excellent condition for this time of year.  Now we just need a little more sunshine.

Updates – 04/14/2024

Opening Day is Tuesday, April 16th
Tee times for Tuesday will be taken Sunday at 8:00 am.

As we head into golf 2024, we would like remind everyone our policies and procedures which will make daily play smooth for all.

Tee Time Policy

Tee times are released two days in advance. Currently times are released at 8:00 a.m. This release time will move earlier as the spring progresses. You will have plenty of notice when this time changes.

Times are released via phone, in person, and on-line. The on-line times are the most efficient way to access available tee times. This season we are releasing even more times via the website. Over 80% of our tee times will be available on-line this season, more than ever before.


We are a busy golf course therefore must run the most efficient tee sheet possible. Singles and twosomes will be paired with other golfers. This not only allows us to accommodate the high demand but protects pace of play as well.

No Shows & Late Cancels

No-shows and last minute cancels will not be tolerated. If a group does not check in prior to their tee time they will be marked as a no show. This will send an email to the player as well as the Head Professional. These no-shows and last minute cancels will be tracked and will lead to loss of tee time privileges.

Day of Play Check-In

Players are responsible for checking in with the starter 15 minutes prior to tee times. This includes providing all names of golfers in your group. Starters will determine which are pass holders. Guests must pay their daily fee in the golf shop.

2024 Stickers – Bag tag and Cart trail fee

Pass holders are required to display a ’24 sticker on their bag tag. Cart owners are required to have a visible ’24 sticker on their golf cart as proof of a paid trail fee for the season. These stickers will be distributed in the golf shop where staff will confirm your 2024 dues being paid.

More to Come

We will review more policies in the next week… Stay tuned!