New Practice Green on North Course

The practice green on the North Course is being reconstructed for several reasons, but mainly to double the size the of the putting surface, improve the drainage underground and replace the grass with a Bentgrass cultivar that is healthier and more consistent with what is on the golf course. The old green is over 30… Read more »

South Course Status Update

The extremely wet Spring, Fall and Winter seasons have created a situation where numerous springs that feed Lost Coon Lake are in full production. These springs, combined with the rain are exceeding our ability to manage the water. Additionally, due to the rain and snow, new springs have sprouted this year that continue to add… Read more »

New Tee Project nears completion

In 2017 Whitefish Lake Golf Club will complete the project of adding new forward tees for both men and women. The traditional forward tees were previous placed at 5400 yards but will now be moved forward to very close to 5000 yards, as suggested by the USGA. Our new “gold” tees will be play at… Read more »