WLGA Board of Directors

The Whitefish Lake Golf Club is operated with a volunteer board of directors that oversees all aspects of the organization. They set the policy, develop and monitor the budget, plan long and short range improvements, make the final decisions on personnel and engage in all necessary contracts for the club.

Members of the board serve three year terms and are not allowed to be re-elected without at least a one year gap in service.

The board members all serve on various committees, which are listed below.

Executive Committee
Jody Fee and Parker Kelly

Green Committee
Dennis McConnell, Paul Johannsen, Dick Collins

Finance Committee
Paul Johannsen, Jody Fee, Scott Ringer and Parker Kelly
At large members of green committee – Carroll Lilly, Steve Gold, Karen Jacobson

House Committee
Stacy Dolan, Dennis McConnell, Parker Kelly, Scott Ringer and Doug Reed

Tournament Committee
Parker Kelly, Dennis McConnell, Jody Fee, Tim Olson, Doug Reed and Dick Collins

Handicap Committee
Jody Fee, Parker Kelly
At large members of Committee – Stacy Denning, Mary Armstrong, Linda Smith

Junior Golf
Dennis McConnell, Stacy Dolan, Terry Nelson and Tim Olson

FVGA Representatives
Terry Nelson, Stacy Dolan

By-Law Committee
Parker Kelly, Jody Fee

Men’s/Ladies League representatives
Dennis McConnell and Stacy Dolan

The board of directors meets on average twice per month to review committee reports, project status, budget management; membership issues and discusses over-all operations.