restaurant-1 Restaurant Restroom Renovation

It’s been nearly 15 years since the restrooms in the restaurant and lounge have received any attention and remodeling. With that in mind the board has agreed to move forward with a major remodel to enhance that area of the building. Carole Peschel, interior designer, has volunteered to head up the project and her ideas… Read more »

golf-simulator Golf Simulator Open – Doc’s Learning Center

The Gary Norby Junior Golf Foundation purchased a golf simulator this past summer from a group of generous members. Thanks to donations from our members, Alderson Foundation, Andy Farvolden’s Family and the Iron Horse Foundation the new simulator will be up and running and offered free to local junior players. Adults will be allowed to… Read more »

South13 PROJECTS FOR 2015

Our board of directors anticipate completing several facility improvements during the 2015 season. We plan to continue the installation of the new forward tees, with new “gold” and “red” options for players. Last year we built 15 new forward tees mostly on the South Course, some red and some gold and anticipate roughly the same… Read more »


The highway construction project adjacent to the golf course should wrap up this coming year. Sidewalks and bike paths will be completed and building out past State Park Road will all happen in 2015. Fencing and landscaping along the golf course will be installed. The area along the practice range will have a new fence… Read more »

oldphoto13L From Tee to Green – Fall Pro/Am, Annual Meeting & More

Fall Pro-Am Over 40 years ago former WLGC Golf Professional Mike Dowaliby started a tradition with the annual fall Pro-Am tournament at Whitefish Lake Golf Club.  Each year the event draws roughly 30 teams from around the region including Alberta and British Columbia.   This year the event had a large hole in the field as… Read more »