tee2green From Tee to Green – 8/3/15

Family Tees now set Whitefish Lake Golf Club has installed some new tee markers that can be used for the entire family to enjoy the game of golf. The new tees consist of two disks and are about the size of a round dinner plate, dark blue in color, and placed on each hole so… Read more »

american-flag-2a 4th Tournament – SOUTH Day 1 Tee Times

South Course – Thursday, July 2nd Men’s 2nd 4 and 5 Hcp 7:20 Sieben, Kevin Crennen, Tyler Willett, Phil 7:30 Honkamp, Doug Stevenson, Mat Mossfeldt, Mark 7:40 Hedstrom, Matt Dunning, Cameron Lee, Simon 7:50 Rowell, Darren Miller, Robert Geddes, Cam 8:00 Sheppard, Kyle Geddes, Chris Bechler, Brad 8:10 Cox, Brad Bracht, Bob Vilar, Phil 8:20… Read more »

american-flag-2a 4th Tournament – NORTH Day 1 Tee Times

North Course – Thursday, July 2nd Lady 3rd 16 + Hcp 7:20 Fenn, Ruth Cheney, Jeanette Carlson, Sandy 7:30 Armstrong, Mary Casteel, Patsy Chirino, Wendy 7:40 Denning, Stacy Walter, Cheryl Haydu, Sandy 7:50 Cameron, Carey Arnett, Janice Ferris, Erika Lady 2nd 12 to 15 Hcp 8:00 Pervais, Paula Lauzon, Barb Breidenbach, Cheryl 8:10 Forbes, Nancy… Read more »

chipnsip CHIP N’ SIP

Join  PGA  Golf  Professionals  Chris  Newton, Tyler  Martin and Lyndsie  Sebby  on  Friday,  June  19th  from  6 – 7pm  for  a  fun-­filled   hour  of  chipping  and  sipping. Learn some short game skills that are bound to take strokes off your game!!! LIMITED  TO  THE  FIRST  24  PEOPLE  – 6  PERSON  MINIMUM – $30  PER  PERSON… Read more »

clinic-flyer Group Golf Clinics

Here is your chance to get a spring tune-up for the upcoming season! It is also a great atmosphere for those of you wanting to learn this fantastic, lifetime sport! Taught by PGA Professionals Christine Newton & Lyndsie Sebby WEDNESDAY, May 13th, 5:30-6:30 pm – Full Swing SATURDAY, May 15th, 10-11 am – Chipping &… Read more »